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EmComm Ops Radio Software Now Available

CSS Releases New Addition To Its Radio Operations Center Software Suite for Packet Radio

September 30, 2008 —W4PCSoftware, Inc. (CSS) today announced the availability of EmComm Ops™, a new software solution for packet radio operations. Designed primarily for emergency radio communications, EmComm Ops helps amateur (Ham), commercial and MARS radio operators connect to, access, integrate and operate packet radio stations with a Windows PC or laptop from a fixed station or in the field. EmComm Ops is the first addition to CSS’ recently-rebranded Radio Operations Center™ (ROC) product line.

The just-released version of EmComm Ops supports Kantronics and Timewave/AEA TNCs. A version for MFJ TNCs is now in beta testing and is available for pre-order or trial download. The pending release of EmComm Ops for MFJ hardware is in response to the recent re-introduction of TNC solutions by MFJ Enterprises.

At an introductory price of $29.95, EmComm Ops offers radio operators an efficient and affordable entry into advanced software-enhanced packet and radio control. For operators who require support beyond packet radio, CSS’ ROC Digital Desktop™ ($99.95) offers a step up that supports the classic HF digital modes, as well as support for soundcard-based radio modes including PSK-31 and MT-63.

EmComm Ops allows users to control radios, TNCs, rotors, and to access logging applications, call books and more — all from within a single Microsoft Windows application. Unlike MS-DOS or Windows 3.1-based radio software, EmComm Ops is a 32-bit Windows application designed from the ground up for Windows 2000, XP and Vista, offering users true multitasking, seamless integration of other radio or PC productivity tools, and the ability to take full advantage of the speed and processing power of the latest Windows-based computers. Operators can control radio transmissions while simultaneously running logging programs, call book programs or any Windows application (including Microsoft Office).

"True multitasking means that EmComm operators can send and receive packet communications while simultaneously relaying messages to families and rescue personnel in e-mail,” said Rick Ruhl, W4PC, CSS president and chief architect of the company’s software suite. “And in emergency situations where communications infrastructure has been compromised or conditions limit reliable radio operation, messages can be noted in a text or Microsoft Word file, then imported into EmComm Ops to be re-transmitted at a later time when conditions improve. Operators can also export messages to a file to document communications. Of course, simple Windows cut-and-paste is also supported.”

EmComm Ops supports emergency operations by accelerating, streamlining and automating packet radio. Features include:

EmComm Ops was designed in response to requests from emergency communications volunteers who need advanced tools that help then set up and operate emergency radio services quickly, reliably and affordably,” Ruhl said. “It also gives radio operators who only work in packet mode a streamlined solution specific to their requirements.”

A free, 30-day trial of EmComm Ops is available now on the CSS Website at www.cssincorp.com. The purchase of EmComm Ops includes one year of e-mail or phone technical support, access to the CSS user forum and free maintenance updates.