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Press Release

CSS announces release of PacTerm and PkTerm 3.0 Preview 2, the Power of 3!


New release includes open source for snap-in DLL modems.


Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  January 4, 2005:  W4PCSoftware announced today that they have released PacTerm 3 for Windows and PkTerm 3 for Windows Preview 2. This latest update incorporates fixes from Preview 1, as well as new functionality that include a CW Lock/unlock speed hotkey, and the option for users to hide the mode buttons on the toolbar in the HF Window. New sound card modes can just 'plug in' to release 3. Ham and MARS users can create a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) for any mode they want, and place that DLL into the PacTerm or PkTerm folder. That new mode appears on the HF mode menu of PacTerm/PkTerm 3.

CSS has even gone one step further. Not only can modes be added dynamically, but the release includes a sample skeleton source for someone to create their own modem (HH_DUMB.DLL and source), AND includes the FULL source code for the HH_MT63.DLL. These DLLs can be done in C, C++, VB, Delphi or any programming language that supports the creation of DLLs.

Both programs don't even require a TNC if only soundcard modes are desired. There is a soundcard only mode that will work with the Rigblaster, MFJ units, Timewave's soon to be released Hamhub and homebrew interfaces.

PacTerm for Windows and PkTerm for Windows retails for $99.95 with upgrades retailing for $59.95. This includes free telephone and email support for one year, and unlimited free support at the message board at http://support.cssincorp.com.

The programs include a 30 day full featured demo version, so hams and MARS users can try before they buy.

W4PCSoftware is on the web at http://www.cssincorp.com/.

Timewave is on the web at http://www.timewave.com/.

Kantronics is on the web at http://www.kantronics.com


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