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Press Release

CSS acquires PC PakRatt program for
AEA and Timewave TNCs

Muscle Shoals, Alabama. March 23, 1999: W4PCSoftware, Inc announced today it has acquired all rights and source code to the TNC product PC PakRatt 2.0 for Windows 3.1, PC PakRatt for DOS and PC PakRatt Lite for DOS.

Rick Ruhl, N4GDO, President of W4PCSoftware, Inc said, "This is the next step we wanted to take to provide high quality software to the amateur radio community. The acquisition of this product expands our product line to the Windows 3.1 and DOS market, and makes it much more efficient to port the product to the Macintosh and Linux platforms."

W4PCSoftware, Inc produces 32 bit Windows products for Kantronics, Timewave and MFJ TNCs, and will be adding HAL and SCS to the supported lineup.

"One of our main goals is to address any Y2K issues in the PacRatt product while we port it to the Kantronics and MFJ lines.", Ruhl said. "We’ll also be moving much of the code to the 32 bit line, so we can increase functionality and features of the current products."

W4PCSoftware, Inc was incorporated in 1988 and has been providing 32 bit software to the amateur radio community since 1997. The successful PacTerm 98 and PK Term 99 are the staples of CSS’s software products.

W4PCSoftware is at http://www.cssincorp.com .

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